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By James Joyce

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Ulysses by James Joyce ranked # 1 on The Modern Library's Top 100 Novels list as selected by its Board Members.

Ulysses by James Joyce - Just The Good Stuff Ulysses is a 1922 novel by James Joyce, first serialized in parts from 1918 to 1920, and published in its entirety by Sylvia Beach in 1922, Paris.

Ulysses chronicles the passage through Dublin by its main character, Leopold Bloom, during an unremarkable day, June 16, 1904. The title alludes to the hero of Homer's Odyssey and there are many parallels, both implicit and explicit, between the two works.

The book has been the subject of much controversy and scrutiny, ranging from early obscenity trials to protracted textual debates. Yet today Ulysses is universally regarded as a masterwork in Modernist writing, celebrated for its groundbreaking stream-of-consciousness technique, highly experimental prose, "full of puns, parodies, allusions," as well as for its rich characterizations and broad humor.

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