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Joni Mitchell

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Blue by Joni Mitchell - Just The Good Stuff Blue by Joni Mitchell ranked # 30 on Rolling Stone Magazine's 500 Greatest Albums list.

Blue is the 1971 album of Canadian-born singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell. A sad, poetic collection of intimate confessional songs, this album is one of, if not the best of, Mitchell's early output. From exploring the various facets of relationships to infatuation on "A Case of You" to insecurity on "This Flight Tonight," the songs feature simple accompaniments on piano, guitar, and Appalachian dulcimer. Blue was a critical and commercial success, and it peaked in the top 20 in the Billboard Album charts in September of 1971.

After the success of her first three albums and songs like "Woodstock," Mitchell decided in 1970 to take a break from performing. While travelling around Europe she learned to play the dulcimer and wrote many of the songs that appear on Blue.

The album was almost released in a very different form. In March of 1971 completed masters for the album were ready for production. Originally there were three old songs that had not found their way on to one of her previous albums. At the last minute Mitchell decided to remove two of the three so that she could add the new songs "All I Want" and "The Last Time I Saw Richard." "Little Green," composed in 1967, was the only old song that remained.

Track Listing
  1. All I Want
  2. My Old Man
  3. Little Green
  4. Carey
  5. Blue
  6. California
  7. This Flight Tonight
  8. River
  9. A Case Of You
  10. The Last Time I Saw Richard

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