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London Calling
The Clash

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London Calling - The Clash - Just The Good Stuff London Calling by The Clash ranked # 8 on Rolling Stone Magazine's 500 Greatest Albums list.

London Calling, a double album released by The Clash in December, 1979, marked the band's critical and commercial breakthrough.

Besides straightforward punk rock, it featured a much wider array of styles than the Clash's earlier albums, with sophistaicated pop songwriting that incorporates elements of rockabilly, 60s-style pop, lounge jazz, R&B, ska, rocksteady, hard rock, and reggae. The various Jamaican musical styles on London Calling are often perceived as a reflection of the Ska movement in Britain.

The album is considered a landmark by many, and tracks such as "Train in Vain", "Clampdown", and "London Calling" show up with regularity on rock stations to this day.

Track Listing for 25th Anniversary Legacy Edition Three-Disc Set

Disc: 1
  1. London Calling
  2. Brand New Cadillac
  3. Jimmy Jazz
  4. Hateful
  5. Rudie Can't Fail
  6. Spanish Bombs
  7. The Right Profile
  8. Lost In The Supermarket
  9. Clampdown
  10. The Guns Of Brixton
  11. Wrong 'Em Boyo
  12. Death Or Glory
  13. Koka Kola
  14. The Card Cheat
  15. Lover's Rock
  16. 4 Horsemen
  17. I'm Not Down
  18. Revolution Rock
  19. Train In Vain

Disc: 2
  1. Hateful
  2. Rudi Can't Fail
  3. Paul's Tune
  4. I'm Not Down
  5. 4 Horsemen
  6. Koka Kola
  7. Death Or Glory
  8. Lover's Rock
  9. Lonesome Me
  10. The Police Walked In 4 Jazz
  11. Lost In The Supermarket
  12. Up-Toon (Instrumental)
  13. Walking The Slidewalk
  14. Where You Gonna Go (Soweto)
  15. The Man In Me
  16. Remote Control
  17. Working And Waiting
  18. Heart And Mind
  19. Brand New Cadillac
  20. London Calling
  21. Revolution Rock

Disc: 3
  1. London Calling Live Concert Footage
  2. I'm Not Down Snippet
  3. The Right Profile Snippet
  4. Brand New Cadillac Snippet
  5. Hateful Snippet
  6. LOVERS ROCK Snippet
  7. Wrong 'Em Boyo Snippet
  8. The Card Cheat Snippet
  9. Lost In The Supermarket Snippet
  10. Death Or Glory Snippet
  11. Guns Of Brixton Snippet
  12. Rudi Can't Fail Snippet
  13. Train In Vain Snippet
  14. The Right Profile Excerpt
  15. Jimmy Jazz Snippet
  16. Clampdown Snippet
  17. Louie Louie Snippet
  18. Louie Louie Snippet 2
  19. Koka Kola
  20. Revolution Rock Snippet
  21. Louie Louie Live Footage

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