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Rubber Soul
The Beatles

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Rubber Soul - The Beatles - Just The Good Stuff Rubber Soul by The Beatles ranked # 5 on Rolling Stone Magazine's 500 Greatest Albums list.

Rubber Soul was released in December 1965. It was recorded in just over four weeks to make the Christmas market, and gained wide critical and market success. The album was produced by George Martin (who also appears on keyboards for the piano solo in "In My Life").

New instruments were introduced, such as the sitar on "Norwegian Wood", and the influence of artists like Bob Dylan can also clearly be heard.

The album had a 42-week run in the British charts and held the top spot for eight weeks.

Track Listing
  1. Drive My Car
  2. Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)
  3. You Won't See Me
  4. Nowhere Man
  5. Think For Yourself
  6. The Word
  7. Michelle
  8. What Goes On
  9. Girl
  10. I'm Looking Through You
  11. In My Life
  12. Wait
  13. If I Needed Someone
  14. Run For Your Life

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